RI Veterans Companion Care Service

Serving those who have served us.RI Veterans Home Care Services

We help veterans and their surviving spouses get the benefits they deserve to continue living in the comfort and privacy of their home. We are proud to introduce a financial assistance program to help qualified veterans and surviving spouses: The Aid & Attendance Program. This reimbursement pension provides qualifying veterans and their spouses the opportunity to acquire home care services that they otherwise may not be able to afford.

With over 10 years experience supporting veterans in this federal program, let us walk you through the application process. We'll continue to support you throughout the duration of the pension and ensure that you stay in compliance with program requirements in order to preserve an uninterrupted distribution of benefits. This federal-based aid for veterans and surviving spouses could help pay for all or part of your care from All is Well Home Care.

We can usually determine if someone is qualified to receive this benefit with asking a few short questions over the telephone.
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